The Workout Gear That’s Right For You

Choosing the right workout gear can be fun if you know what you need. You might not know what kind of exercise you want to get into. Maybe you want to try something new or just need something to get you motivated. No matter what you want to workout in - we’ve got some awesome things for you to get your workout on! Below are some great ways to get fit and ways to buy the right gear and clothing to get the workout done with ease. We help you put a personal twist on your workout outfits so you can get stylish and feel great in your new workout gear.


Yoga Gear

When it comes to the workout gear that's right for your yoga class you definitely want to get something that is snowing and tight against your body. The most wins during the better you can get into your yoga poses. Don't be afraid to go get a T-shirt, and just rock your sports bra and yoga pants. You’ll also need a mat and yoga towel if you are going to start practicing hot yoga. Sport Chek has great options when it comes to yoga gear on a sweet discount. This shop also has other workout gear you can choose from if you aren’t a yogi.



High Intensity Interval Training as a new kind of workout that is great for everyone's body. The best part about high intensity interval training is the fact that it is super quick and super easy to do. You can get your workout done in about 20 minutes. That is some soon sincerely awesome news for anyone who doesn't like to do an excruciatingly long workout. The one thing about high intensity interval training is the fact that you are going to need some awesome super tight clothing, as well as some weights, and maybe even a yoga mat and a towel. You will also want to get yourself a sweet water bottle because of the fact that you were we drinking loads of water while you're doing this work out.


When it comes to workouts like Cardio and getting your spin on - yoga pants are great and you can wear a loose shirt if needed. Did you know that you can get all your gear from Sport Chek for less!? That’s right. Just follow the link above and you will find loads of discount and promo codes that help you save big when gearing up to workout.  That's right! When you follow the link above you can definitely find even more for less. You can get up to 70% off the retail price when you follow the link above and find loads of awesome savings for you. When it comes to getting your workout gear for less - Sport Chek has you covered. Just remember to shop your favorite yoga pants, t-shirts, sports bras, tops and shoes at Sport Chek for up to 70% when you use promo codes from the above link!